The following sites are all Overman Vacation homes on the internet. These sites are all great ways to find some great unsigned music, and many are great places to meet some new folk as well. Help us decorate each by befriending us on them, and adding comments! Don't forget to check out our Daily page either!

Social Pages

Facebook Is Facebook so cool now that Myspace is Retro?
Youtube New videos coming soon.  No, seriously… Overman's account, this service is huge in the UK and works great on the iPhone. Starting to taper off a bit, though.
Ourstage Contests Contests Contests
Myspace Still?

Science Resources Answers to all of your biology questions! Forums, Tutorials, Books and more!
CSIRO's Science by Email Great science newsletter!
Kookbreaker Science Toys Some of the coolest Science Gizmos you will find anywhere. Perfect Gifts from Uncles.
Nancy Clark Nancy is a retired teacher who has compiled a most impressive list of teaching resources for the science classroom! Join our Forums and you may just find her answering your questions!
National Science Teachers Association "Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, the National Science Teachers Association is a member-driven organization, 60,000-strong. We publish books and journals for science teachers from kindergarten through college. Each year we hold four conferences on science education: three regional events in the fall and a national gathering in the spring. We provide ways for science teachers to connect with one another. We inform Congress and the public on vital questions affecting science literacy and a well-educated workforce."
The Skeptic's Society Dr. Michael Shermer's idea launching pad and a darn great magazine, including the Skeptic Mix Tape for free download!!!

Music Links

Widow's Peak Music Festival 2012 will be WP's 4th year !!!
Flowpoetry Flowpoetry is Venice Gas House Trolley.  A must-see band out of Madison, WI.
Flabby Hoffman Who is Flabby Hoffman?
Naked Girl Radio Just like it says boys….click thru here!
OD Jo Plainfield Rockers who rock Plainfield!
Scrappy Music The ultimate T-Shirt Makers!
Uptown Recording Studio A great studio that we would suggest to ANY band. We love this place!

Cool Links

Here is a list of sites we are proud to help promote. They are bands and business that are great friends, or daily humor, or functional websites that can't go that long without! Enjoy!
AStorkToldMe Matt's sister's rocking baby business for the southern burbs of Chicagoland!
achewood Great comic strips that keep us rolling!
Daily Limerick "Kind of a “blog” since before the term “blog”—except it’s edited, done by the vaguely “qualified” and doesn’t totally suck ass (most days)! (Led by Chief Limericist Sloop Biederman, comedy writer from MAD Magazine to the Chicago Tribune's RedEye and performer from L.A.'s Comedy Store to the Chicago Comedy Festival.)
Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods Our fellow bumper (we both got bumped by Blago's impeachment) she makes the best granola west of the Mississippi.
onlinecomics A gaggle of comics and amusement!
The Biggest Letdown The Internet isn't cool anymore.
St. John's Church The Coolest Church in Chicago
ViewofaKind With many more dreams to come, establishing this place of community and creativity was the first step into finding artists with similar aspirations who would like to publish their work of art for the world to see, appreciate and even buy.


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