Jul 2014

Buy Overman’s new LP “The Wayward Times” now!

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Mar 2014

Pre-hiatus Aaron had been working on, and the band played live a couple times, a song that was tentatively called “Hotheads In Chicago.”  Now finished and officially named “Bigger Thomas,” it is a song about the gun violence in Chicago, and the words have been included in the very first issue of a new magazine called Majestic Disorder.   MD is an arts & culture online, quarterly print magazine and creative agency producing original thought provoking journalism.

In addition to online availability, here are some places where you can pick up a hard copy:



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Feb 2014

Listen to the new album anywhere online:  The Wayward Times by Overman

Aaron will be playing solo shows until his fingers bleed, and there are some full-band shows on the schedule, too, but none in the immediate future because…

RUSSELL LEAVES FOR ASIA TOMORROW!!! Wish him adventurous and safe travels.  Love you, Brother!

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Dec 2013
Order Overman's new album The Wayward Times now and get it in time for Christmas.  $15 includues shipping.
10.  33
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Dec 2013
Pre-Order Overman's new album The Wayward Times now and get it in time for Christmas.  $15 includues shipping.
10.  33
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Nov 2013
Will be ready in time for Christmas……..!!!!
(In no particular order)
Slow Your Engine Down
Buy Me A River
I Think I'm Going Crazy
I Miss Them, Too
I Can't Sing the Blues
Stay Around
Talking Lockport Street Blues
From the Banks of This Old River
Lawrence Welk
Days Full of Rain
I Feel Bad When I See the Man
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Aug 2013
The excitement level here at OverHQ is off the charts.  This weekend is going to be a hoot.  It goes like this:
Friday, August 16th at Eronel in Dubuque, IA
Saturday, August 17th at The Grape Escape in Galena, IL
This will be our first time at Eronel, and 4th time at Grape Escape (always proves to be epic).  Also, you can find us busking around Galena on Saturday afternoon, without a permit.
Go see live music!
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Jul 2013
Set the controls for the heart of Bigfoot Band Camp Music Festival on the beautiful Putman County Conservation District in scenic Hennepin, IL.  Overman plays Friday, July 26th from 7-8PM.
This is a great fest with a veritable plethora of music and space to camp.  The gal from American Pickers will be doing some kind of burlesque show, Bigfoot'll be there, we'll be there, so come on out and squeeze July's last weekend like a summer sponge.
"Set the controls" likely means GPS to most people nowadays, but we're pretty bummed out that roadmaps and atlases are becoming a thing of the past.  We still use 'em, though, if only to look at and take our mind on a brief exploration.
Come Sunday, we'll dust off the Wisconsin atlas and forge our way to Kenosha to play Taste of Wisconsin.  Cheers!
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Jul 2013
Overman will be playing at The Beat Kitchen in Chicago on Wednesday night with Sherry Rich, Logan Squares, and The Abbey's – a GREAT night of music.  Sherry is a great songwriter on tour from Australia, so let's give her a warm Chicago welcome.
Show starts at 8PM sharp!
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Jul 2013
It is with great appreciation, anticipation, and hunger that we navigate these days leading up to The 4th of July this year.  On Thursday, July 4th, Overman will be playing The Show Wagon Stage at Ribfest in Naperville. A highly coveted gig, Ribfest brings in music from all-across the board.  From Overman and Under the Willow to Slash, Skynyrd, and Springfield (Rick). 
Overman plays from 3:30-4:30PM on Thursday, July 4th.  For more info, click HERE.
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